Mapping Amager

Check out Lorenz Erdmann’s multichannel piece Mapping Amager initially performed during Fluid Sounds – Site-specific performances, lectures and audio papers in June 2015

Mapping Amager

About the piece
The multi-channel composition ‘Mapping Amager’ is meant to be the result of a sonic exploration of the eastern island of the danish capital. Equipped with different field recording gear (binaural headphone microphones, hydrophones, contact microphones, different directional mics and handheld recorders) the composer tried to capture the unique site specific sonic landscapes – the ubiquitous water and the coast, the beaches, the baths nearby the sea, the different ports and marinas, the clash between nature and culture on this most prosperous part of Copanhagen. In the period of three days the composer made field recordings in every cardinal direction. Digitally processed, modified and arranged these diverse sounds are diffused in an eight channel surround sound environment according to their provenience. Comparable to the surround sound system in domes of planetaries the loudspeakers are organized in a graticule. With this set-up the composer tries to re-map the sounds and create an acoustic space allowing the spectator to immerse into a sonic map of Amager defined by its varied sites: The airport in the east, the old port in the north, the green fields and parks in the west and the sailboat marinas in the south. In a second step the listener follows the subjective survey and travel of the composer who got to know the island primarily through sonic encounters guided by the unique sounds Amager is offering.


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