The program is ready


The program is divided in two parts:

The first day consists of site-specific keynote lectures and performances while the rest of the conference is focused on the participants own audio papers and productions.

Site-specific program: Lectures and performances

Thursday, June 18th offers Site-specific keynote lectures and performances by researchers and artists working in the fields of sound studies and performance studies. 4 sites are carefully chosen for each lecture and performance .The site-specific program is open to the public and starts at 9 am. at Kastrup Søbad on Amager.


Media-specific program: Audio papers

In the workhops Friday and Saturday the 19th and 20th, the participants produce their own audio papers. Here site-specific knowledge from Amager is translated into the media specific form of an audio paper. On Sunday the participants present their own audio papers and productions.

Here you can find:

* The full program and schedule for lectures, performances, workshops and audio paper presentations.

*  Info material for Thursday. Adresses, transport, venues etc.

* Site material for Thursday. Texts about Kastrup Søbad, Urbanplanen, Ørestad, Københavns Universitet and Teaterøen.



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