The conference intend to invent a new academic format: The audio paper. The idea is to create an academic format taking the aesthetic aspects of knowledge into consideration. The audio paper has a dramaturgy of its own.

Procedure for production of audio papers 

Ahead of the conference
Since we only have two days for the production of the audio paper, we ask all participants to be as prepared as they can for the workshop.

Therefore we ask for a written storyboard or score in the widest sense and a written sketch-out of the sound collages and possible sites to be visited/included to be sent to by May 15th 2015.

The title of the production should be in the subject of the email.

The material will be published on ahead of the conference.


During the conference:
We recommend that participants bring:
Sound recorder
Editorial software (we can recommend Hindenburgh)

If you are not able to bring any or some of this, please let us know, and we will be as helpful as we can.

A sound-laboratory is available for the workshop-groups during Friday and Saturday. It consists of a silent room for recording of speech/voice over, and an adjacent controller-room with a computer with the software tool Hindenburgh installed.

There will also be technicians around to sort out various technical problems that may appear.


Final Audio Paper submitted for publication after the conference

12-15 minutes long

Format of audio production:
The production of the audio paper, is, like the regular conference paper, carried by a strong and clear scientific question or argument introduced by voice over or speak. The question or argument can be unfolded through a narrator’s speak, through various voices through e.g. interviews. Besides this, the overall argument in the audio paper also has to be unfolded, discussed or framed through “pure” sounds such as sound effects, music, found sounds, sound souvenirs, soundscape recordings or compositions, all composed into a sort of sound scenography. It is important, that the sounds do not only illustrate and frame the speak in the audio paper, but also carries information that supports or questions the narrated content in itself.

All final submissions must contain a 200 word written abstract.

The abstract has to carry the title, name of author(s), affiliation(s) and email address.

Additional written text:
We are open to receiving additional comments to the audio paper in a written format in up to two pages (4800 sign incl. spaces).

Add five keywords.

A written bibliography has to be attached. Harvard Style.

A biography of 75-100 words is attached too.

The production is send or uploaded to a dropbox as MP3 to by September 15th.

The work will hereafter be send in peer review. If accepted, minor and major editorial work will have to be done before publishing the final production.

Besides the audio papers, the final publication will also contain documentation from the site specific audio performances and lectures.


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