Mapping Amager

Check out Lorenz Erdmann’s multichannel piece Mapping Amager initially performed during Fluid Sounds – Site-specific performances, lectures and audio papers in June 2015

Mapping Amager

About the piece
The multi-channel composition ‘Mapping Amager’ is meant to be the result of a sonic exploration of the eastern island of the danish capital. Equipped with different field recording gear (binaural headphone microphones, hydrophones, contact microphones, different directional mics and handheld recorders) the composer tried to capture the unique site specific sonic landscapes – the ubiquitous water and the coast, the beaches, the baths nearby the sea, the different ports and marinas, the clash between nature and culture on this most prosperous part of Copanhagen. In the period of three days the composer made field recordings in every cardinal direction. Digitally processed, modified and arranged these diverse sounds are diffused in an eight channel surround sound environment according to their provenience. Comparable to the surround sound system in domes of planetaries the loudspeakers are organized in a graticule. With this set-up the composer tries to re-map the sounds and create an acoustic space allowing the spectator to immerse into a sonic map of Amager defined by its varied sites: The airport in the east, the old port in the north, the green fields and parks in the west and the sailboat marinas in the south. In a second step the listener follows the subjective survey and travel of the composer who got to know the island primarily through sonic encounters guided by the unique sounds Amager is offering.


Thanks for your participation!

Summer has come to the sites on Amagar, and every day performances are taking place. We want to thank you for your engagement and participation in the Fluid Sounds conference. We are working on audio-visual documentation of the site-specific performances and the audio papers and will upload it on the webpage when ready. Until then check The Fluid States North Souvenirs for snapshots from the presentations.

Day 1 Site-specific performances and lectures

The site-specific program Thursday started with Holger Schulzes keynote presentation, Idiosyncracy as Method. Kastrup Søbad, or The Snail, served as the scenic venue.

Quote from the lecture:

“In any research situation, within any more specific context we do operate as researchers in an expanded continuum of epistemic activities. This epistemic continuum is not something alien or far away. It is actually present in everyday life.”







Next stop was Urbanplanen, where Brandon Labelle constructed a poor acoustics in the deconstructed landscape of former modernist welfare ideals.







From the construction site, we went into the urban garden, Urbanplanten, where local residents grow vegetables and sustain the community in the green environment of the garden. Jeremy Woodruffs sound installation, Green Interactive Biofeedback environment, was installed in the children’s playhouses. Finally, the composer did a small music performance in the environment.

IMG_5766 IMG_5775











Lunch was served in the garden and some of the conference participants were introduces to Danish “Snobrød” while others started doing recordings for their audio presentation.













After a brilliant keynote panel on Telematic Encounters at Copenhagen University, we went to the evening reception at the Teaterøen, where snails were welcoming the guests. The evening closed with Heaven’s performance installation music4giants.



The program is ready


The program is divided in two parts:

The first day consists of site-specific keynote lectures and performances while the rest of the conference is focused on the participants own audio papers and productions.

Site-specific program: Lectures and performances

Thursday, June 18th offers Site-specific keynote lectures and performances by researchers and artists working in the fields of sound studies and performance studies. 4 sites are carefully chosen for each lecture and performance .The site-specific program is open to the public and starts at 9 am. at Kastrup Søbad on Amager.


Media-specific program: Audio papers

In the workhops Friday and Saturday the 19th and 20th, the participants produce their own audio papers. Here site-specific knowledge from Amager is translated into the media specific form of an audio paper. On Sunday the participants present their own audio papers and productions.

Here you can find:

* The full program and schedule for lectures, performances, workshops and audio paper presentations.

*  Info material for Thursday. Adresses, transport, venues etc.

* Site material for Thursday. Texts about Kastrup Søbad, Urbanplanen, Ørestad, Københavns Universitet and Teaterøen.



Amager Audio Guide


What does a place sound like? How do we navigate via sounds in an unknown environment? Who are the people we meet, and what will they share? What happens when we travel along an unknown path? Through this audio guide we investigate the sound of Amager, its languages and spatial characteristics, and we guide you on an experimental tour pointing to specific places on the island. We visit Dragør, the Copenhagen Metro, the Bodegas, the nature on Amager Fælled, and Amagerbrogade. We have opened up our senses, and we invite you to do the same.

Listen to it on soundcloud here.

Six master students from Performance-design, Roskilde University have designed this audio guide especially for the participants at Fluid Sounds.

Jon Günther Andersen
Emilie Munck
Peter Nørgaard
Nicoline Bergman
Ene Riisbjerg Hedegaard
Peter Sejersbøl



The sites for the site-specific lectures and performances are now settled.

2015-04-16 10.56.18
Kastrup Søbad. A harbour bath at the west coast of Amager. The shell-like structure is part of the recreational urban beach, Amager Strand Park. Read more about Kastrup Søbad.


The Urban Plant. The urban plant is an urban garden in the Urban Plan. It offers residents a green area, playgrounds for children, a farm with farm animals and a larger maker-space. Read more about The Urban Plant.


Solvangen in the Urban Plan: Solvangen is a derelict shopping mall in the Urban Plan. Realized in the sixties as modernist housing project, Urbanplanen was a housing projects with ideals for urban life. Today, the former commercial centre Solvangen will be torn down and replaced by a new housing project for the multiethnic communities. Read more on the Urban Plan.


Teaterøen – The Theatre Island. Placed on the northern tip of Amager, in the industrial zone, Refshaleøen, the theatre island is a terrain-vague where historical bunkers serve as the scenography for contemporary theatre and performance art.


Fluid Sounds is ready to take off.

Fluid Sounds is a PSi Fluid States conference. It takes place on Amager, Copenhagen, from the 18th – 21st of June 2015.

You can now find information on

* Preliminary program 

* Workshops 


* Procedure for post-conference peer-review of audio papers


The conference is organised by Sanne Krogh Groth and Kristine Samson as part of PSi Fluid States – performances of Unknowing  and Designing Human Technologies, Roskilde University.

The conference is supported by the Danish Council for Independent Research.